Ukraine shot down one in all Russia’s greatest assault helicopter

The Normal Employees of Ukraine claimed that its forces had shot down a Russian Ka-52 Alligator assault helicopter within the Luhansk area of jap Ukraine.


The Ukrainian navy reported that the Russian assault helicopter tried to assault its place on the entrance line close to Svatove earlier than it was destroyed.

“Immediately, round 2:00 pm, a unit of the Dneprovsk anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Vostok Air Command shot down an enemy Ka-52 helicopter,” the report says.


Footage confirmed the second a suspected Russian helicopter is shot down and bursts into flames above a forest.

Somewhat later, the Kremlin-affiliated Telegram channel ‘Fighterbomber’ confirmed that the Russian Armed Forces had misplaced one other Ka-52 Alligator assault helicopter.

As famous by the Telegram channel, Ukrainian Troopers have shot down an elite Russian helicopter crew with a whole lot of navy decorations.

“The crew was introduced with the very best award and the very best rank of the Russian Federation – the golden stars of Heroes. Posthumously,” mentioned the ‘Fighterbomber’ channel.

On paper, the Ka-52 is without doubt one of the greatest assault helicopters on the planet. With a prime velocity of 196 mph, an 18,000-foot ceiling, and a 683-mile vary initially was a formidable helicopter, however the Ukrainian battle confirmed that the Russian assault helicopters suffered from severe structural deficiencies.

In keeping with open-source intel tracker Oryx, Russia has misplaced not less than 27 Ka-52 Alligator assault helicopters since Russia’s unprovoked assault on Ukraine started on Feb. 24.

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